Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Companies that can blow me.

Companies that can blow me:

PayPal --- impossible to get ahold of. We know the person responsible for sending out all those bogus emails to hundreds (if not thousands) of people, but we can't get ahold of anybody there that's interested in knowing who's responsible. This was big enough to make the news.... shouldn't they care who's defrauding them and their users? So far LJ alone has got 30 bogus credit card payments in the last few days from this scam. Of course, this is just reason #3 to hate them, on top of #1: their servers sucking, and #2: their half-working, half-broken handling of eCheck payments. --- no support in their API for notifications when eChecks clear or succeed. I read through 40 pages of their "Advanced Integration Method" document only to find that their API is dumb as hell and PayPal is theoretically better. (if only PayPal worked, and reliably accepted payments from non-U.S. users) I called their tech support (which isn't half bad... intelligent drones) only to be told, "Well, we can send emails when eChecks clear or fail." No, I refuse to screen-scape emails. Been there, done that. Not reliable. Not for a payment system.

So, I have 4 months to cancel (the "unhappy clause" in the contract), but I'm not sure I want to.... PayPal sucks also.

What do you do when your two main options suck? Cry?
Tags: blow me
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