Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I went snowboarding for the first time ever today.

The whole time I couldn't get that Happy Gilmore quote out of my head: "Hi, I'm a hockey player but I'm playing golf today."

After many years of skiing (8 or more?), it was weird finally snowboarding.

I'm sore head to toe, but it was educational (at the beginning) and fun (towards the end).

I loved the learning process:

1) try random things.
2) observe: some result in pain, some don't.
3) variate on the things that were least painful.

So many little subtleties to snowboarding.... mostly coordinating back foot movement (steering) with leaning into the hill, so you don't catch an edge and eat ice. (eating powder is acceptable. :P)

The magnitude of the required movements wasn't anything close to what I was initially trying. The back foot is pretty sensitive... little movements usually work, but big, quick movements work as well, as long as you're ready for them with the leaning. The necessary amount of leaning was a lot more than I was trying at first.

It took awhile to get turning into the hill down.... it was a weird feeling going downhill, facing uphill, but pointing out. But once that was down, and turning back and forth between them was down, without biting it, then things got fun....

... but then all my muscles were completely sore, and it was closing time anyway.

I look forward to snowboarding again, but this next weekend I'll be skiing. :-)

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