Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle, continued.

I came to Seattle lacking a real itinerary and it's turning out better than I could've hoped. So good that I keep delaying my departure.

Let's see.... when did I post last?

So, New Years Day we just lounged around mostly, everybody enjoying being tired and lazy. Went and retrieved clothing from the party. Adventured to Issaquah with Amber, Ellen, and Evan for Krispy Kremes. Went out to dinner with Evan in the evening. Meant to go to Mama's downtown, by Speakeasy, but it was closed. Searched for more food, still craving mexican, so ended up at Azteca. I wanted to order in Spanish, but I stopped after saying "Chimichanga Pollo" and continued in English. I realized sitting there that my entire generational Spanish vocabulary has atrophied down to food items.

Today (er, yesterday) Evan and I went downtown to meet with an Internap sales guy, working to renegotiate our rates. We didn't get any solid proposal out of him yet (he'll get back to us), but we did get a huge, killer fruit basket! Woo! It's full of crackers and candies meant to accompany different varieties of wine. Guess I should go pick up more wine.

Watched "Chinatown" with Evan, Devon, and Devon's friend Roberta Sarah. Good movie. Guess it's famous or something too. Film de noir, Devon says? :P

Amber wanted to hang out later, but she wasn't feeling well. Hung out with Marcus and Evan at a fancy house Marcus is sitting for... spent way too much time in the hot tub and played some pool. Very nice house. I want millions of dollars, plzthx. Then I would buy a house like that.

Back now. Just did Evan & Devon's dishes, so I'm not a complete bum.

Enjoying my break from work. Been working on my inbox and doing a lot of thinking/planning, but staying away from code. I am getting kinda eager to get back to it, though. Thinking I'll maybe stay one more night, so I can go out with Marcus tomorrow night.

nick --- now that skiing's off, you didn't have a replacement plan, did you? Take the train up to Seattle. I'll give you a ride home.
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