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Fish, German.

First off, props to evan for his consistently good taste in music.

Went fish tank shopping today... I was looking at this big, sexy, black curved 72 gallon one. Was thinking about doing salt water, since the fish are so much prettier, like the ones you can swim with in the Caribbean. Problem is, you have to let the water age for a month before putting fish in it.... that's not very compatible with my general "I want it now" mentality. Plus, it's a strong possibility I'll be moving while the fish would still be alive and you can't transplant them (unless I had a another tank set up a month ahead of time). So, I dunno.... I'll think about it.

Had dinner with my mom, who also went tank browsing with me. She knows more about fish stuff than I do.

School tomorrow! Ich freue mich darauf!
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