Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Summary of good

Good, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy items since last post:

Renegotiatied bandwidth rates
Hired a sysadmin! (lisa) She will get money & stress.
Learned SSL stuff
Redid LJ's entire payment infrastructure

Not Work
Became unsick
German class has been fun
Ran into old AHS friend, walking near my house
Hanging out with Dina a lot
Got a bigger bed for my guest room (cole88's old one)
lisa and henry came down to Portland, went out drinking

Was in the Sunday paper today (cover of Living, for those in Oregon) ... very nice article.
whitaker is gonna do his required undergrad co-op for LJ, meaning he's going to move out here for 6 months, starting late March/early April

Lots of other things I forgot.
Tags: lang

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