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Brad Fitzpatrick

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Beach. [Mar. 4th, 2003|11:42 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Still recovering, slowly, from Sunday night's hacking escapade. I should get some sleeping pills for those times I just really need to correct my sleep schedule.

At my parent's beach place now. Drove out here this evening to hook up the DSL modem.

Going to Austin this Friday (until Wednesday) for SXSW. I'm speaking on a panel with some cool people. (although, I already told them I don't know the topic well.... I should be on that database-driven website tricks panel!) Anyway, then there's a LJ + Adult Webmaster party ... how cool is that? It'll be fun seeing people from last time.

After Austin, nothing too interesting for 20 days until whitaker shows up.

Back to the present...

Nothing good's on TV, so I'm reading my O'Reilly JavaScript book... it's somewhat disappointing. I thought O'Reilly books were consistently good, but this one is spotty... it jumps between useful information and wasting time on information the target audience should already know.

I assume to be a good book in the "web developer" crowd it has to be a little dumbed down, assuming the reader just wants to make flashy annoying things to add to their terrible HTML.

I guess what I was looking for was a book about JavaScript programming for people already familiar with a few dozen languages and all the correct terminology. This book has a whole section on static variables but never says the word static until the very end, in a comment in an example. Painful.

I would've just read the specs, but I like killing trees and wrapping up in blankets on the couch. And the specs never say how bad the implementations are.

Bitching aside, it's a good book.

[User Picture]From: crushdmb
2003-03-05 12:23 am (UTC)
I use melatonin to help me sleep. It works..at least for me...

It's recommended for people who want to get their sleeping schedule back into place:)
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[User Picture]From: brad
2003-03-05 12:25 am (UTC)
I have a whole thing of it, actually. eli gave it to me about 3 years ago....

I take it ocassionally, but I can never tell for sure if it works. The effect isn't really noticable, at least to me.
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[User Picture]From: eli
2003-03-05 09:40 am (UTC)
If one's not working...just try popping 17 or so, that should do the trick :-)
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[User Picture]From: adman
2003-03-05 12:28 am (UTC)
Thought you might like this it was just above your post here.. Okay Brad time to brush up on your German... enjoy

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[User Picture]From: adman
2003-03-05 12:30 am (UTC)
Oooops forget the link.. sorry bout that

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[User Picture]From: brad
2003-03-05 12:38 am (UTC)
Hahaha .... that's great.
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[User Picture]From: bandie528
2003-03-05 12:31 am (UTC)
you're only gonna be there till wednesday?!?! that sucks so much, you know why??? my pal Val Emmich is playing next thursday...

well, anyway, if you'd like to check him out, i have some songs posted here, and I highly recommend him.

I even started a community for him ;-) That's all.
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[User Picture]From: dakus
2003-03-05 12:59 am (UTC)
is it that time already?

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[User Picture]From: perpetualmotion
2003-03-05 01:00 am (UTC)
Porn models, booze, and lj peeps ? Why did I fly all the way home again ? Damn. You should consider stress-testing fotobilder with massive amounts of pics from that party. Yes.
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[User Picture]From: dakus
2003-03-05 01:03 am (UTC)
btw, I bought a "sams net" book Javascript Unleashed a few years back and found it really helpful...but then I knew so little...errr...know so little
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From: levenator
2003-03-05 01:04 am (UTC)
AAAAH Austin! Are you flying into Austin-Bergstrom? I feel like that airport is my second (third?) home!

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[User Picture]From: ddelapp
2003-03-05 08:32 am (UTC)
avoid the sleeping pills, man. what they promise sounds excellent, but they don't really deliver. You'll feel groggy the next day and maybe the day after. what honestly works really well for me is just warm milk. I think the chemical in it is called tryptophan, and it works well (for me at least).
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[User Picture]From: bostonsteamer
2003-03-05 08:50 am (UTC)
Dude, you're gonna see so many boobies.

I have a copy of The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, it might be more down your alley :P That guy from Cheer's is on the cover!
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[User Picture]From: scsi
2003-03-05 02:47 pm (UTC)
If ya need sleeping pill info, lemme know.. I'll tell you what to get.
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[User Picture]From: tabbylove
2003-03-07 01:58 pm (UTC)
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