Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Still recovering, slowly, from Sunday night's hacking escapade. I should get some sleeping pills for those times I just really need to correct my sleep schedule.

At my parent's beach place now. Drove out here this evening to hook up the DSL modem.

Going to Austin this Friday (until Wednesday) for SXSW. I'm speaking on a panel with some cool people. (although, I already told them I don't know the topic well.... I should be on that database-driven website tricks panel!) Anyway, then there's a LJ + Adult Webmaster party ... how cool is that? It'll be fun seeing people from last time.

After Austin, nothing too interesting for 20 days until whitaker shows up.

Back to the present...

Nothing good's on TV, so I'm reading my O'Reilly JavaScript book... it's somewhat disappointing. I thought O'Reilly books were consistently good, but this one is spotty... it jumps between useful information and wasting time on information the target audience should already know.

I assume to be a good book in the "web developer" crowd it has to be a little dumbed down, assuming the reader just wants to make flashy annoying things to add to their terrible HTML.

I guess what I was looking for was a book about JavaScript programming for people already familiar with a few dozen languages and all the correct terminology. This book has a whole section on static variables but never says the word static until the very end, in a comment in an example. Painful.

I would've just read the specs, but I like killing trees and wrapping up in blankets on the couch. And the specs never say how bad the implementations are.

Bitching aside, it's a good book.

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