Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

SXSW thus far...

Flew into Austin, Texas on Friday for SXSW. Interesting things thus far:

-- ran into Cory Doctorow (of boingboing) on the plane.

-- talked with some girl/lady (late 20's... neither girl nor lady sounds right. :/) for a long time on the plane, and ended eating with her during the layover in Dallas, and sharing a cab downtown (since the shuttle was an hour out, and only marginally cheaper). this is only notable because i'm rarely social on planes.

-- Richard Stallman talk about copyright and community, and why things are different nowadays... before printing presses, people freely copied books... by hand. since it was so hard, nobody cared. then, the printing press let rich people copy books, so copyright was useful. it was a restriction on industry, which was easy to enforce. citizens made the trade-off between rights we didn't usefully have (people weren't able to share/publish) for the benefit of more creative works being produced. now, with digital technology, we are affected, and we're unable to do things we want to do. the only way to enforce copyright nowadays is with a police state. "It's time to renegotiate the deal."

-- Dana Robinson talking about how individuals deal with the death of their online friends. Bizarre topic, but very thought-provoking questions.

-- went to a party/dinner/bar hopping with James Hong (of, Scott Heiferman (of, Evan Williams (of, er, google), and others. James is a playa' and fun drunk. Evan's really cool.

-- After a few hours of sleep, got up early and spoke on a panel with James and Scott about trends in online/offline communities and the internet.

-- Doug Lenat (from talking about artificial intelligence. Totally rad.

-- Lawrence Lessig talking about copyright and the Creative Commons. Incredibly enlightening / disappointing (in a get-motivated way). Also attended the Create Commons talk by Cory Doctorow and others...

Anyway, Austin's cool. Diggin' the warm weather. Lot of wonderful people about.

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