Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day! / Linguistics

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by going downtown to Kell's St. Patrick's Day celebration this afternoon and drinking a bunch of Guinness and Kell's Irish Lager, listening to bands, bagpipes, and watching fun drunken people, a fair number of whom were wearing kilts and/or had green beards. Very cool.

My stomach's totally hating me, though. I hit up Taco del Mar first, getting the "Jumbo Burrito" instead of my normal two little tacos. Big mistake. It would've been fine, but all the beer, combined with the corn dog & fries I had when Dina showed up and joined me, combined with the Jamba Juice later.... too much in my stomach.

Random linguistics diversion.... typing "Taco del Mar" above made me realize Spanish "Mar" and German "Meer" are similar. I love seeing similarities between more than one language. Damas... Damen... Dames.

I was thinking about German da- words, today, and how English has them too, but how similar they are. In German, the da- compounds are "da" (it) along with some preposition...

damit -- with it
davon -- of it
dabei -- thereby

In English, we have those too, but generally only in formal/legal writing:

thereof -- of this/that/it
thereunder -- under this/that/it
thereby -- "by that means; because of that"

Now, the more interesting thing is that "da" means "there" in German. And if you apply Grimm's Law, "da" became "tha" at some point, which is close to "there".

evan was quoting Chomsky awhile back, where he said these anecdotal tidbits are interesting, but entirely useless unless you're doing something real and constructive, making theories or something. But yeah... that's the extent of my linguistics interest I suppose: amusing myself with little connections I notice between languages.
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