Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Stupid War

I hate going to war because Tivo thinks it's recording new episodes of my favorite shows, but really it's recording the Breaking news!!!!!!!!! EXCLUSIVE FROM CHANNEL nn TEAM COVERAGE REPORT DIRECT, which is just the same ol' regurgitated 1 tidbit of real information you can get anywhere, stretched out into an hour. And the episodes aren't being rerun later. :/

I don't know if Saddam is the asshole I often hear he is, so I don't have a real position on the war. But.... I am excited to see gas prices skyrocket. I would love nothing more than to see America get in a huge tissy-fit over, say, $4.00/gallon gas. In Germany, I remember gas costing about that, and they're closer to the Middle East. Why's our gas so cheap?

I just wanna see alternative fuel sources being used in the auto industry, and not just in demo/gimmicky cars. If attacking Iraq and Saddam setting fire to his oil fields is a means to that end, well... cool. I mean, Bush is gonna attack anyway. One might as well look at the bright side, even if it's years off.
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