Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I completely cleaned my house. For once, my closet is organized and sorted, all clothes are off the floor and hung up, you can see my floor..... it's amazing.

But that didn't help the boredom.

Whitaker shows up in 12 days. I cleaned out his closet, moving all the misc computers and boxes to another closet. Once he gets here I'll have a hackin' partner. And more music... I assume he has tons of mp3s I don't.

There's an elementary school a couple blocks from my house that went in right after I got my house. For my German class at PCC we made a Sesame-Street-style video about learning German, targeting elementary school kids... in particular, for a teacher at the school by my house. (It turns out that 4 of the people in my class all live around me. Crazy.)

So, tomorrow afternoon we're all meeting in front of the school and showing our video and doing some stuff on the blackboard, then all going out for beer at McMenamin's. I love our German teacher... she's amusing in a way I can't describe well. She's goofy without trying or knowing she is. Oh, and because I forgot to do my final project (whoops?), she's letting me just do an interview with her after beer tomorrow.... like that's gonna be a problem!

Playing with GNOME2 again, after not having touched it since early pre-releases. Parts still suck[1], but I don't altogether hate it yet. I put XFCE on my TiBook for fun... it's nice and light.

[1] The window list applet doesn't capture clicks on the bottommost pixel of its window, but it does for its topmost. Which means you can easily use the window list switcher when it's on a panel at the top, but not on the bottom. Isn't this UI 101, best utilizing valuable/easily accessible areas?

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