Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Deutsche Prüfung

Went to the local elementary school and taught the kids the ABCs in German... so entertaining. Kids at that age are funny. They're also really smart... they caught on really fast. Their favorite letters were G ("gay"), H ("hah!"), and Y ("oops-i-lon"), always followed by bouts of laughter.

Danach gingen wir zur Kneipe. After having 2 pints with my German teacher, we kinda forgot about the whole oral interview thing. When we were going to our cars she remembered and told me we'd just do it on the phone, while she was driving home. I got to pick the topic, so I talked about Open Source, its ideals/philosophies, how Linux is better than Windows, how Open Source companies make money, how my business runs, etc... spoke for a good 5+ minutes quickly before I ran out of material. She had some questions... I answered them. 30/30 Punkte! Hooray. :P (I told her the other day she could just flunk me if she wanted, since it didn't matter, but she thought it'd be better if I passed.... :))

Auch kaufen wir (meine Lehrerin und ich) beim Mall (er, Einkaufszentrum) zusammen Samstag, weil sie liebt zu kaufen, und ich es hasse. Sie wird mir helfen, und ich ihr Mittagessen kaufen kann. Ihre Tochter wird auch mitkommen, die 4 Jahre alt ist, und kann beide Deutsch und Englisch sprechen. Ich freue mich auf, mit ihr zu sprechen. Ich denke dass ihre Deutsch besser als meine sein wird, obwohl (weil!) sie so jung ist.
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