Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

win95 dilemna

I found eight win95 CDs in my junk CD collection.

Problem: they're all scratched to shit.

Solution: copy each one to disk and reconstruct a perfect image by statistical means.

Well, it sounds nice in theory. :-)

First one's done copying. Time to do the next one and hope they differ. (since the best looking one didn't work...)

Update: Found two images that were identical, so I'm good there. But now I don't have a Win95 product key. Totally forgot about that. Anybody want to give or sell me their old copy of Win95 cheap? If so, email me.... Thanks!

Update #2: Turns out I need Win98, not Win95... (goal is to get IE4) And not second edition.

Update #3: I now have Win2k Pro and Win98 running in VMWare, with IE 5.0 and IE 4.0, respectively. Thanks for the help!
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