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Just noticed mozilla-xft in Debian, or maybe it's new. Fonts look prettier, but they aren't the ones I want. I want a fontconfig build, damnit. (I started to build my own, but noticed fontconfig isn't even in CVS yet?)

The GNOME gconf default backend (tons of XML files) sucks... at least over NFS. Stupid locking. Always quasi-breaking. At least be robust, damnit... check to see if things are actually running still before just dying. I want a MySQL backend. It looks relatively painless, but hell if I have time. I told evan, but like he needs more projects....

Working on a new friends page algorithm for LJ using new data structures that'd allow for persistent, bookmarkable friends page URLs. Initial tests show promise, so right now I'm converting a real table from LJ into the new format for local testing.

My development server here, while quiet, has really slow I/O. (IDE RAID1 with non-special disks and non-special controller... but at least the two disks on are different channels.) Anyway, thinking about taking one of the old LJ Dell Poweredge machines and making that a dev server. Except they sound like jet engines. I could put one in the garage, but then it'd get too hot in there in a couple months. *shrug*

Rearranged my computer setup in the living room. Can use the computer from the leather recliner, using the keyword with integrated mouse touchpad. When whitaker comes, he's taking that monitor, though, so I'm planning on buying a small LCD for that room... it'd be rad to get one on an arm attached to the wall, so I can bring it in front of my face while in the chair, or shove it back at the wall for normal storage. Anybody make something like that? I'm sure... but where?

Inbox down from 120 to 69.

Upgraded from Pine 4.44 to 4.53. New feature in 4.50: Threading! In any number of ways, one of which is "mutt-like". Very cool. Now, if only somebody would clean up this bug requested originally by jwz, then I could see threading in my LJ comments folder! i don't wanna go fix it myself. (can't for my monkey, whitaker, to get here... :P)

Inbox is overflowing with important things to work on, but I'm still bored.
Tags: mysql, tech

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