Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Slippery Footbridge of Death

It's been raining the past week and it's forecasted to rain for the next week as well. Prior to that it was beautiful and I started biking again.

The sun broke free a couple hours ago so I decided to take advantage of it and go on a bike ride. About halfway through my big loop it turned to shit all at once: cold, windy, pouring.... so I sped up.

Coming back through the park I approached the Slippery Footbridge of Death which I'd only just the other day warned Whitaker to not fuck around with... even a few rain drops on its surface makes it incredibly dangerous. Anyway, I see a bike laying on its side, under part of the railing, with no owner in sight. The kid (boy teenager bike) must have crashed. You wouldn't lay a bike down there, and not in that fashion. And you wouldn't play in that area (the fun play areas are elsewhere) and you wouldn't play in that weather.

I looked around... in the creek, under the bridge... no sign. I biked around all the trails exiting the park... still nothing. (I figured he might be hobbling his way out with a broken arm or something.)

After searching awhile I gave up and headed back home, which required going back over the footbridge. The bike was still there. I'm riding pretty damn slow, but sure enough... I crash.

I now have notable bruises/scrapes on my elbow and hip. Yay for helmets? :)

I wonder if my fellow crashing buddy was wearing a helmet.

I should go back and see if his bike is still there.

Should I go take it and leave a note? Or turn it in to the police? I don't want assholes to jack it and keep it.

Update: Bike retrieved. Police notified. Note left.
Tags: bike

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