Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

nice weather, nice biking

Taking advantage of the rain that didn't come, whitaker and I went to Hagg Lake and did some hardcore biking. There are mountain bike trails almost all the way around the lake. We did 5 miles offroad, got absolutely covered in mud head to toe, and did the remaining 8 or so miles on the street...

Whitaker needs to get some toe clips. He kept falling off his pedals and killing his nuts. And I don't want to hear from anybody how those shoes that clamp into the pedals are better.... there's no way those would've worked with this much mud.

After getting back to the car we got as much mud off us as we could, I turned my shirt backwards so I wasn't laying against the cold sweat that had formed on my back between my body and backpack, we opened the moonroof, turned on the floor heaters on our bare feet (shoes were too muddy), cranked Weezer, and headed home to spend quite some time hosing down our bikes with freezing water.

Just got out of a cold shower that burned, my body being so frozen after cleaning the bikes.

But really, the weather rocked.... sunny and dry the whole time. Except all the mud from the last week or so of rain.

I think the plan for tonight is to sit around and watch a movie or so... Whitaker hasn't seen Zoolander, Strange Brew, Cannibal the Musical, or Spinal Tap. Very sad.
Tags: bike
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