Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I just lost a long post because GTK2 and/or LogJam suck. GTK2 doesn't let me select a region, right-click, and copy, so I selected all, and hit the wrong thing to copy, instead replacing my whole post with a weird gibberish character. And LogJam doesn't support undo. :-(

Let's see if I can summarize:

lisa came down last night for a face-2-face (look! i'm all businessy!)

Went to parent's house to see the "LJ factory" with whitaker and Lisa... my mom and her friend and her slaving away in her woodshop, filling orders and loading up the minivan with hundreds of orders.

Went to Red Robin.

Weather's awesome.

Bike's squeaking from having been completely covered in mud, even though I washed it all off and gave it WD-40 lovin'.

Most stressful projects behind me... lot of fun stuff to work on.
Tags: bike

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