Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

biking through insomnia

My sleep schedule's been steadily getting worse. Last week Whitaker and I stayed up until 2am, then 3am, then 4am... last night was 6am... and tonight I haven't gone to bed yet.

I tried to sleep, though. I was in bed for hours, restless.

At 6am I went on a long bike ride. All the trails and bridges in the lower area of my favorite park were covered in water after yesterday's downpour.

I'd always seen the signs saying, "Trails may be impassable due to high water." but I had no clue how high the water could get. It was totally cool, so I biked through it. Pedaling as hard as I could to stay upright, trying to stay in the center of where I guessed the path was.... my shoes and jeans still got soaked, but it was worth it.

Now I'm totally awake, but I imagine it won't last long. Regardless, I'm gonna fight it, being productive and exercising so I sleep well tonight.

Other notable events of last night:

-- read tons of WikiPedia, which I'm find myself increasingly addicted to and reliant on.

-- LJ hacking spree: [before midnight & after] (wish I could bookmark ranges)
Tags: bike

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