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I took my 19" CRT off my desk, leaving just my 19" LCD, opting instead to go back to using virtual desktops and sticky windows. I'm glad I did. I now have more desk space, way less heat, more vivid colors when I browse the web (I used to browse on the CRT), and all text is crisp & subpixel antialiased beautifully. GTK2 and xft2 are wonderful.

I bought an Xbox and PS2 last night, along with some controllers and games. Frivolous? Perhaps. Fun? Yes. Rationalization: I'm making Whitaker pay rent to live here (so if one of us gets sick of the other, he can just go live somewhere else), and with that extra income I can buy useless stuff. I mean, er, provide a better living environment for my tenant? Heh. Halo's really fun. Also got Burnout, on my little brother recommendation, and because it supports HDTV. Got GTA: Vice City for PS2, but I haven't even opened the PS2 yet.... guess we'll do that tonight. I need to find a store that carries the HDTV adapter for Xbox. The Xbox can do widescreen over RCA, but that's only marginally cool.

I'm playing with MySQL 4.0, now that it's stable. In particular, I'm checking out the progress of InnoDB. It seems to have come along a bunch since I last used it. I'm excited to get it tested and into production. MyISAM works if you don't join much and keep writes down (partitioning users into clusters, as LJ does), but it still totally sucks.

Anyway, off to play.... (with MySQL, not Halo!)
Tags: mysql, tech

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