Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Oregon's HB 2892 "Open Source Consideration Bill" is currently being debated.

I wrote my representative voicing support for it the other week:
From: Brad Fitzpatrick []
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2003 2:25 PM
To: SEN Starr B
Subject: Internet email for Legislative Member, TO: Bruce Starr

Dear Senator Bruce Starr,

I'd like to voice my support for House Bill 2892 and the quality of Open
Source software.

I run my Oregon-based company (Danga Interactive) entirely on Open
Source products.

If the availability of technical support for such products is a
perceived issue, let me reassure you that we've had no problem finding
vendor support when needed. Further, the quality of both the products
and support have clearly surpassed the quality of commercial
alternatives I've dealt with in the past at other jobs.

Even without Oregon's financial problems, I'd still recommend Open
Source for quality and peace-of-mind alone. Open Source is the path to
avoiding vendor & data format lock-in.

Thanks for your time,

Brad Fitzpatrick
xxxx xx xxnd Ave
xxxxxx, Oregon 9xxxx
And got a reply: (who cares if it's a form letter...)
Dear Brad:

Thank you for your recent email letter. I appreciate hearing
your opinion and information concerning HB 2892 and I will put your
letter in the bill file for reference when the bill comes up for a vote.
Again, thanks for writing.


Bruce Starr
State Senate
District 15
If you're from Oregon and use Open Source software, please--- write your representative.

Microsoft is lobbying like crazy trying to get this killed. Make your voice heard. Don't just sit back and assume others will.

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