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A lot of nothing

I haven't been updating because something is broken and my X server freezes whenever I launch my LiveJournal client.

Oh, and because I have nothing interesting to say.

It was sunny the other day and I went shopping with Dina. Maybe that's post-worthy. I bought a leather jacket, two pairs of shoes, and summer shirts. Actually that was two days. It all runs together.

I work a lot. I was working last night until 4am, then I got up at 11am to work more. I'm really tired. Whitaker and I get a lot done. Much to be said for working in proximity with another. S2's getting fun. Can't wait for new servers and InnoDB. Get really pissed off when servers are slow. Blah blah.

Went to Red Robin today.

Reading Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom lately and can hardly put it down. It's a free download, but I bought the dead tree at Powell's.

Inbox: 105, all important.

What the fuck's up with spam lately? Did SpamAssassin give up and die? I started to look into bogofilter and then got distracted. I'm pissed at pine lately for doing incredibly stupid things in its latest version. Do I switch to mutt? I need a MUA with built-in "Mark/unmark as spam" buttons. Or one that's flexibile enough to script as such. Hell, I really need to just learn emacs better and use it for mail.

I get so angry when I'm running low on sleep. And why's it so damn hot in this room?

Tomorrow: take car in for brakes in the morning. lunch with signe and whitaker at 1:45.

Back to S2 EntryPage class.

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