Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Frogball, continued.

Whitaker and I continued working on developing the rules of Frogball today.

Updates from last time:
-- we mowed the fairway.

-- we took a hose as a measuring device and found an arc equidistant from the pond, and put 3 croquette wickets throughout the line.

-- each turn, all 3 of a player's shots must come from different wickets.

-- knocking over the frog is worth no points, as digging it out of the pond so many times yesterday made our hands stink for hours.

-- tapping the frog, as long as it doesn't fall over, is worth 1 bonus point. (no points lost for tipping over the frog, though, because it's still cool, even if it's smelly to recover... we just don't want to encourage it.)

-- landing in the small section of the pond is worth 1 bonus point. (so yeah, a total of 3 points are possible per turn, but neither of us accomplished that)

-- play until 5 points. (unchanged)

-- if at the end of a cycle of turns, both players have the same number of points, greater than or equal to 5, then winner is decided based on a juggle-off. each player takes two balls in one hand and one in the other while one player says, "one", "two", and on "three", each player throws first ball. the first one to drop a ball loses the game.

-- a set is best of 3 games.

The best part was the little neighbor girl peeking her head over the fence from her junglegym the whole time saying "HI!!!!" and "BYE!!!!". I replied every time in the same fashion and even tried asking her her name, but she didn't want to talk about that. :-)

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