Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I'm sitting in Dana & Tiffany's living room, where I slept last night, using wireless Internet access via the base station I always bring, sniffling like crazy because I forgot my allergy pills.

Yes, leave it to me to secure[1] wireless net access but forget the meds.

The BBQ was fun. Always cool to see everybody. Whitaker and I went to Dante's for a bit after the BBQ, but we were too tired to stay or drink. Just said hi to people and came back here to sleep. Well, I came back to sleep, having woken up early early yesterday. Whitaker went to Dick's to flaunt his clout or something.

So, I guess whenever Whitaker wakes up and I see Lisa online, we're heading over to Lisa's to work.

I made a new userpic out of one of Dana's pictures. I'll have to wait for everybody else to mail me their galleries before I can aggregate the best ones.

[1] I wasn't even planning on using it here, rather at Lisa's, but there was a random live ethernet cable laying against the wall in the living room. Dana's boyfriend uses it for his laptop, I guess. Score.

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