Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

week o' activities

Jesse's in town (jproulx).

whitaker and I picked him up at the airport Wednesday morning and headed up to Seattle to go bowling and come back to Portland. We saw the LJ servers too, and ate, and looked at the Space Needle, and walked around...

Bowling was cool. Went with lisa, henry, evan, and meena. I got a 182 the first game, out of luck. Enjoyed watching Jesse and Lisa play DDR.

On the drive home, three semis in a row honked at us loudly and flashed their brights. It freaked us out so bad we pulled over and checked our tires and stuff, but we still don't know why they were honking. We didn't cut them off or anything.

Went to the Blur concert tonight with nick and the crew. The opening band sucked, but Blur was really cool.

I've been working on memcache all night. It's a nice change, working in C. Gotta sleep now. I guess I'll make a new release tomorrow, after evan and avva review my code.

Going to the beach tomorrow with Nick, Jesse, Whitaker, and maybe olliejeff.

Looking forward to this Sunday... company picnic, going white-water rafting. Evan, Meena, Lisa, and Henry are coming down from Seattle. Jesse and Whitaker here. dina will be done with her stressful week. Should be cool... get to jump off a bridge and stuff. That's always fun.

This post was an exercise in <lj user=...>. Goodnight.

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