Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Good day

Inevitably, bad days are followed by better days, and today was pretty good (relatively, anything would've seemed better)

-- dropped my car off for service. rotors were warped again and had to be replaced. they deducted what they charged me last time to resurface them. nice mechanics... not scumbags.

-- biked across the street from the mechanic and picked out a CD/MP3 player for my car that's pretty kick-ass. last I looked there were about 2 options. nowadays it's hard to find a unit without MP3 support. car toys = idiot scumbags. magnolia hifi = totally awesome, as always (i tend to buy everything there)

-- biked back home from there (10 miles or so?) even though I could've taken the light-rail most the way.

-- got my alumni discount code for oscon 2003 sessions and registered. starts tomorrow morning and continues all week. gonna be some good presentations.

-- had energy all day (due to morning exercise) so I got a lot of work done.

-- another bike ride later (this time with whitaker) to meet nick at the driving range where we hit some buckets and had a little putt-off.

-- terminator 3 with whitaker, nick, and dina. damn decentralized skynet without a central mainframe. i bet they just didn't want the RIAA to shut them down and took a hint from Napster's demise. review: good movie. some lame stuff, but good mix of enough plot (more than matrix reloaded!) and action.
Tags: bike

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