Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

OSCON, Thursday

More OSCON fun:

-- talked with Jamie McCarthy a bunch about memcached and how to use it with Slashdot. He got really excited and said he was going up to his hotel room to work on it.

-- more fun with Miguel. I'm loving that guy more and more.

-- met Jeremy Zawodny who's as cool as I expected. Talked about LJ, Yahoo, MySQL, i18n, S2, Friendster, etc. I look forward to his talks tomorrow.

-- gave MySQL co-founder some friendly shit about 4.x replication bugs (along with Brian Aker) of which he wasn't aware. this seemed to deeply trouble him and he told me repeatedly to report it, but first I'd have to figure out how to reliably reproduce it.

-- OpenSSI is cool.

-- got 3 free ORA books

-- ESR hit on my girlfriend. "Actually, I noticed you and must admit I find you very beautiful." (roughly) Evan and I found it very amusing. Dina said he needs some docs on his breath. :-)

-- free drinks
Tags: img, mysql, tech

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