Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Seattle, another day.

Biked a bunch more... another ~20-25 miles: to lisa's to work, to downtown with jeffr for lunch, up over Queen Anne and over to Sandpoint to chill with Kenji (shortypoke), and then back.

No word on my car. They didn't call me back (my service advisor is out today?) and I couldn't get anybody on the phone when I called. Gave up waiting on hold.

Geeky news: we have a VIA 533Mhz Fanless Mini-ITX running 1G of our memcache farm now. it's using like 2% CPU. but that was at midnight or so... we'll see what it's like tomorrow afternoon. Jesus does 8G of memcache, doing 8000 requests/second, and it takes up a barely measurable amount of CPU.

Sleeping in tomorrow.
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