Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Apparently Excederin has lots of caffeine. I read that on the label, but the amount of caffeine didn't really sink in until a few squirmy hours later in bed.

In other news, we started moving into the new Danga office on Friday, cleaning, planning what furniture to order, and building cubicles. (mart called them "Morale-restricting cubicles", but it's not really bad.... I'll post pics later.) Lot more work to do on Monday (desks arrive, phone guy coming, computers to move in, etc...)

It kinda sucks that a month after we're all settled into the office, both Whitaker and Evan are taking off for school, leaving me there alone. But I think I'll be hiring local geeks I imagine, now that we have the requisite office.

Nick and I were planning on biking in the morning, but given that I'm up at 4 am, unable to sleep, I think afternoon or later will be more likely.

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