Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Biking to the beach

Tomorrow nick and I are biking 70 miles to the beach after planning it and talking it up all summer. We've been training quite a bit, and the distance isn't too scary, but the three hills/mountains should be challenging. We're starting at my house (100 ft), going to 1642 ft, and returning to 0 ft (the beach). The total vertical climb is over 3000 ft, though, iirc, after the multiple hills.

I should finished putting a bunch of new crap on my bike: light bar ends, GPS mount, replaced the rear reflector with an LED one that can be on or blink, new saddle, new post with light shocks. Also bought an extra watter bottle, new shorts with padding/inner spandex, a new bike tool, and a bunch of powerbars.

I went for a short test ride. I like the bar ends and seat. I still have my old bike computer on there, so I compared the results between it and the GPS one: remarkably similar. The GPS has way more fun info though.

I should be in bed already. Nick's showing up here tomorrow at 6:45 am.
Tags: bike

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