Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I've been dealing with NetApp the past week or so, trying to get a good price out of them.

If anybody knows what we should be paying for 1TB of SCSI storage (before RAID) with gigabit and super high-availability, let me know. (we were looking at a FAS250)

I'd like to avoid building something ourselves, but we could always just do Linux+FC+EVMS+journal on NVRAM, and have a device that's pretty much a NetApp.

However, I'd like to think there's some really cool storage vendor out there I'm not aware of.

I get a weird feeling from NetApp that their prices are so flexible that we're probably getting screwed. (as opposed to Silicon Mechanics, who tells you how much every little piece costs.)

Dell PowerVaults are super cheap, but they run Windows, and that's incredibly scary.

Suggestions? Email me privately if you'd rather not post here.
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