Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


In my never-ending search for the perfect keyboard, I'm now using the Kinesis Evolution. I opted for the track mount version instead of the chair mount, figuring I didn't want to buy a new chair and didn't want to be locked in the chair by the keyboard and tethered to the desk by the cables. (plus you can convert the track version to a chair version, if I change my mind later) So far I'm really happy with it... it's just like a normal keyboard, so there's no re-learning involved. Some keys were in the wrong place, but you can reprogram any key to be anywhere else. My left space bar is now alt, which is ideal for me. Props to jwz for the recommendation (via his wrists page).

Over the weekend, scoured the city and bought four Shuttle systems from three different vendors for the LJ office. (Employees finally get [good] computers!) Got two SB61G2s, and two of the older (but identical for LJ's purposes) SB51Gs. These are some damn sexy little machines. Down with big beige cases! Man, it blows me away how cheap hardware is.

I've been up since 4am, since I went to bed early. From one bad sleep schedule to the opposite...

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