Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ever questing for quiet computing

I thought I was happy with my home computer situation: diskless tower in office, netbooting off tower with many disks in the closet, connected via ethernet all over my crawlspace. No high-pitch disks hurting my ears.

But now I have a fast machine at work, and I want a fast machine here. But, I'm not totally happy with the netbooting situation. I want to stop doing NFS and switch to block-level (iSCSI?) over gigabit. There seems to be plenty of iSCSI drivers, but where are the iSCSI [software] servers?

But maybe there's an easier solution:

What if I just built one bad-ass system, put it in the closet, and ran really long cables under my house to my office where my monitor and peripherals are?

It looks like DVI can go long distances with fiber optic cables/repeaters. (does anybody know anything about this?)

Are there USB repeaters that go similar long distances? Then I could just use a USB keyboard and mouse. (well, I'd need a PS2 to USB converter for my beloved keyboard, but that's just like $50...)

Sound... hmm... I never did end up getting one of those audio to ethernet converters, but I could restart that quest.

But really, how cool would it be to pipe DVI a few hundred feet over fiber optics? And this solution would be perfectly quiet.
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