Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I'm not a trekkie or anything, but I think unicorns are really kick-ass.

So I was watching Star Trek TNG the other day and Wesley's all like, "baby, I looooove you." and this chick's like, "I love you toooooo.... Rule #2343: Don't go back to Star Fleet Academy, stay here and give me sweet loving forever." And Wesley's like, "I know, I want to, but I gotta learn all about the superresonating states of the dilythium crystals and their effects on the quantum warp coil shell." and she's like, "Well, a couple light years can't keep us apart."

So here's my qualm:

Picard's always talking to Starfleet Admirals, giving him instructions and stuff, and it seems they have zero-latency communication. Well, sometimes they're far away and it takes days to get a pre-recorded message, but sometimes they're close enough that it's instant. (MAYBE TOO MUCH SUBSPACE INTERFERENCE)

And that chick's like "just a couple light years", so that must mean it's pretty close. They should be able to do that same zero latency communication.

Now.... just hook that shit up to the holodeck, having the holodeck on both ends simulate each other's motions and you gots some zero-latency remote holo-lovin'. AWWW YEA'. Bow-chicka-bow.

The end.

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