Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


My favorite trick-or-treaters are the little babies that don't know what's going on. Their parents are both there with them, explaining that they're supposed to take other people's candy.

This little girl just came and I'm on my knees, crouching down, holding two bowls of candy in front of her. She babbles something to her parents. Thinking she can't reach it, so I move it closer to her. She goes, "Whoaaa!!!" and smiles and sloowwwwlllly grabs a single peanut butter cup. I ask, "You want more?" She looks at me confused. "You want TWO? TWO?" She's looks at me like, "No way! Two!?!". She grabs another peanut butter cup (which is funny, since I had tons of variety).

So cute. Love it.

I don't necessarily like the kids who grab a huge handful when I say, "take whatever you want", but I guess it's understandable... that's what they want. :-)

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