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CVV2 Questions [Nov. 25th, 2003|11:30 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
The Internet is useless. I want to know why CVV2 codes on credit cards are supposed to be more secure and help consumers. Every website just tells me, "It protects you". But why?


1) it's not embossed, so employee crooks at stores swiping cards with carbon paper don't get the CVV2 number.

2) it's not part of the hashing function within the card's primary 16 numbers, so even if you use a credit card generator program (trivial to write), you can't get correct CVV2 numbers, since only the card issuer has it.

3) merchants aren't supposed to store CVV2 numbers? So if their databases are hacked, nobody gets those? No... because I know Amazon and many others do.

I don't really think (1) and (2) happen much anymore compared to databases being hacked (3), and since everybody just puts CVV2 numbers in their databases, how does CVV2 really help?

Enlighten me!

[User Picture]From: meganpenworthy
2003-11-25 12:40 pm (UTC)
Hey Brad
I worked at a credit card company so here's my scoop on the CVV #.

We used it for address and name changes(female last name only; others had to provide more documentation) and also for activation purposes. *theory* says that if the person has all the info(name, ssn, address,dob, mmn etc etc AND the CVV which is supposed to only be listed on the back of the card that more than likely-they are the account holder and it is not fraud). Us bank wouldnt let me change my address w/o my cvv code last time I moved even though I know the exact date and branch I opened my checking at like 7 years ago(yea that long ago). Also, for a credit card/bank to find the CVV # in the system, at least for the DOS system we were using, took like a succession of 3 screens or it was on the basic screen #3(that popped in my mind) which for our system was screen bs3(enter) and it was sorta hidden and not well marked.

so, I hope that helps. They, the credit card companies/banks etc, try to make it not easily accessible. I've been asked for it online and it wearies me but I keep good eye on my credit cards so if fraud starts, i know how to crack down and get it fixed.

Melissa aka Megan
ps-when do you think permenant accounts might be available again? lots of people want them.
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