Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


LiveJournal uses or has used:

Linux software RAID
AMI/Dell/LSI/whatever MegaRAID
Mylex DAC960 RAID
Adaptec RAID
Intel gdth RAID

They all suck in different ways:

Adaptec corrupted data left and right. We replaced them all. MegaRAID has shitty, closed, unuseable tools and shitty /proc interfaces. Intel gdth is good with nice /proc interfaces, but some tools aren't so quick returning. None of them have anything near a consistent interface. IBM ServRAID seems great, but I think the control binary is closed? Maybe it's not anymore, with IBM being all pro-Linux. That was years ago. Still my favorite RAID array.

I really can't recommend any one of them. No, DAC960 is definitely the best.... no question. But they were bought and that line discontinued. :-(


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