Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


How can Rhythmbox (0.6.0) be so almost cool yet suck so much at the same time?

I tried it a couple versions ago and it sucked even more, so I guess they're making progress, but man... not too quickly.

And there's nothing fancy going on either... they're just trying to clone iTunes. And it's all a front-end to gstreamer. Why'd they write this in C? It feels like using the Perl GTK2 bindings somebody could whip out a better version in a couple days or something. And incorporate more features, too, like burning a CD from a playlist. And being faster, by using more intelligent/lazy data structures.

Another feature I want is it to be able to do another action on "play" than invoke gstreamer, like invoke a remote play command using some of the MP3::Daemon stuff. Hell, just arbitrary music playing backends, please.

And ID3 tag editing.

Is there any good music player for Linux? xmms is the de-facto crap solution.


But to be fair, Rhythmbox isn't too bad.... it just has a lot of rough edges and shortcomings.
Tags: perl, tech

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