Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Vacation in review

I took most Wednesday off work because I was obsessed with my xmas light idea, so I just essentially took a 5 day weekend/holiday... without working. I normally work on the weekends, so even one day off feels weird, but 5 days was definitely weird.

Things accomplished:

-- five social events: 3 thanksgiving, 1 party, 1 bar. (all too much too fast at the time, but fun in retrospect)

-- learned a lot about electronics, glue logic families, and the parallel port. controlled xmas lights with computer. ordered a bunch of parts of Jameco to be delivered tomorrow, I think.

-- more lights throughout house, fixing dead bulbs (mostly Dina)

-- rented and watched "The Italian Job", making me appreciate that I have a big-ass TV and big-ass TVs are better at showing widescreen DVDs than standard cable going through TiVO MPEG encoding. (xmas list idea: satellite and HD Tivo! :P) heh... Series2 Tivos are half of what I paid at the time. damn technology.

-- rearranged office. cleaned house.

-- got User Mode Linux (UML) running, in a variety of ways: via Debian's rootstrap, and then later by hand. So fucking cool. I look forward to playing with it more soon.

-- installed rope lighting around hot tub gazebo

-- cleaned up MP3 collection by hand and with some scripts; evaluated state of rhythmbox; learned more about ID3 tag hell

-- bought a Slimp3 Squeezebox to move between my bedroom and gazebo, after pricing a home-made solution would be bulkier and more expensive. plus, Slimp3 people are all open source and perl geeks.

Um, other stuff I forgot.

Now I sleep... back to work tomorrow.
Tags: perl, tech

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