Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

HDTV for Linux

Linux-only HDTV card:
FINALLY! An HDTV product introduced for the Linux market, by and for the Open Source community!

pcHDTVtm announces the limited release of its new HD-2000 HDTV pci card. Made for Linux at an eye popping price of just $189.89.

The pcHDTVTM HD-2000 Hi Definition Television Card is the first digital television card to be produced especially for the Linux video hobbyist market. Shipped with the open source multimedia player Xine, the card provides a ATSC stream to the Xine mpeg2 decoder and playback.

So I snag that guy before it's illegal in 2005, or maybe buy a dozen, and then I build my own multi-channel HD-PVR, using a fast SATA RAID array, and my oh-so-wonderful Roku HD1000 noiseless client to decode the ATSC MPEG2 streams.


Unfortunately, no HDTV signal here in Portland for the WB yet.... and Comedy Central's not on the air... guess I'd need two tuner cards: one for standard cable and one for HDTV over the air.


So WB is in Portland... kinda. In Salem. Go HDTV!

Man, so many fun toys coming out lately.

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