Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


The party was crazy. We hit the 50 person mark, and then some. I really have no idea how many, but it was packed.

It started out nice and civil, the quaint little cocktail party Dina envisioned, but then Frank made Jello shots and pretty much fucked up the whole party, sans myself. (I know better than to mess with Jello shots)

The carpet now contains red wine, mud, blood, puke, and god knows what else (probably a lot of other drinks less visible than red wine). Needs some good steam cleanin', that's for sure.

The water in the hot tub is pretty low.

Nick peed in the frog fountain.

Nine people slept over, unable to return home.

Yeah, nice cocktail party. :-)

But really, it was cool. Thanks to everybody for coming. The carpet is fixable. :-)
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