Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

No more anonymity

If you're in Portland, don't drink at Marathon on Burnside.

Went downtown tonight with Nick and Dan, drinking and walking around, then drinking some more. All good times until we hit a bar that took our IDs, looked at them, and proceeded to swipe them into a verification machine without asking us, then hand them back to us. I got pissed off and left, taking Nick and Dan with me. I wasn't going to buy drinks at a place like that. Dina wanted to stay with her friends.

Doesn't this piss anybody off besides me?

Don't you see the future, if it's not already happening? It's like this:

You go into a bar, they "verify" your ID with the Central Computer (DMV, etc), then you're marked as "potentially drunk" for the next 'n' hours. You drive later. Then one of those cameras on intersections checking for people running red lights OCRs your license plate. (They already do this OCR in London!) It reports your position to the nearest bored policeman in the area, working to fulfill his quota for the month. He comes and pulls you over since you were recently tagged at a bar, even if you're driving fine.

Go police state!
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