Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

The joys of rock-paper-scissors and ntp

For who has to make coffee.....

(16:17:30) Brad: SCISSORS
(16:17:30) Mahlon: SCISSORS
(16:17:32) Brad: damn
(16:17:36) Brad: okay, on :18
(16:18:00) Brad: SCISSORS
(16:18:00) Mahlon: SCISSORS
(16:18:11) Mahlon: Man, we suck
(16:18:14) Mahlon: :30
(16:18:17) Brad: k
(16:18:30) Brad: PAPER
(16:18:30) Mahlon: ROCK
(16:18:34) Mahlon: nooooooooooOO!

Hah.... I knew that fucker would think I'd do scissors a 3rd time! :-)

(makes me think of "The Princess Bride" and the poison....)

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