Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ice, everywhere!

The freezing rain last night was awesome. I've never heard anything like it.... a constant happy clicking.

Added to all the snow from the previous day, everything as far as I can see is poofy, white and shiny, ice-coated. I can run and slide on some parts. Other parts cave in if walk on it, but with a very low, quiet thud. I laid on top of the ice on my lawn without it caving in.

Dina's car has icicles all over it, as does everything.

All the snow in the trees fell off early last night, which was sad, but now all trees are coated in ice, which looks almost as cool. I have one huge bush (about 10' tall) that has long, barren stems this time of year. That looks the coolest. I put my hands inside it, shaking the stems around and the ice all stayed on, and it made cool tinging sounds as the stems hit each other.

In conclusion: snow and ice are fun. :-)
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