Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Operation Sled

Desperate for food, I finally left my house in my sleigh (unchained front-wheel drive Honda Accord) in search of food.

From my previous bike ride (a comedic experience in itself) I knew that the main roads were pretty good (because I was biking in the car tracks), but my street was terrible.

To get off my street it was lots of thrusting and sliding, once having to reverse to get unstuck. Getting back in my garage felt like docking a boat.

But I'm back, and my belly is full.

I can't wait for the Great Flood of '04 tomorrow morning/afternoon. Should be hilarious.

I was reading in the newspaper about roofs collapsing, buildings burning down (because the firemen couldn't make it to the house), and trees falling over with the weight of ice, knocking out powerlines, etc. Chaos! Fun chaos. (Now that I have food in belly.)

Other accomplishments of the day: speeding up LJ! Been working on reducing CPU usage, since we're currently CPU-bound. Made some kick-ass improvements. And 4 new kick-ass web nodes are on their way too. That'll be cool.
Tags: bike

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