Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I accidentally cut off a wanna-be-punk whiteboy in his rice rocket today, complete with huge noisey muffler and half the car devoid of paint. He even removed all the emblems from his car that said it was actually shitty, and replaced them with stickers saying it was a nice car. Now, normally I feel really bad cutting somebody off, but this shit just cracked me up so I was just laughing when he pulled up to my car and started swearing at me through his window (so I couldn't hear anything). I don't think laughing made him any more pleased.

Went to Beaverton Subshop on Broadway. It's my new favorite place. It deserves its own post sometime.

Why isn't actually ?

The US government has the whole .gov TLD. And why are they dumbing the name down? What's next.... ? ? ?
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