Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Dell: computers with Windows

Dell now lets you buy computers without Windows.
The n series features select popular models from the DimensionTM , OptiPlexTM and Dell PrecisionTM desktop lines sold without a Microsoft® operating system. Offered for IT professionals who want control over operating system development and installation, n series desktops are available with a copy of the FreeDOSTM open-source operating system included in the box, ready to install. Select n series systems are also available with Linux.
DellTM DimensionTM 2400 n series1 desktops offer affordable, everyday small business computing power. Extra economical because they come without a Microsoft® operating system; a copy of FreeDOSTM open-source operating system is included in the box, ready to install.
About fucking time!

I actually called Dell a few months back when I was buying all the office computers and asked about buying raw hardware, but they kept saying no. I gave up and ended up just building 5 (now 9) desktops. Too bad they didn't do this earlier.

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