Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Parrot DBDI; bytecode platforms

Interesting post from Tim Bunce (the Perl DBI guy). The plan, in a tiny nutshell, is to make Perl/Python/Ruby/PHP all share the same internal database drivers. Each HLL will have its own native-language-style high-level DBI, but they'll only be pure-{Perl,PHP,...} wrappers around the shared Parrot modules, with no C code up top.

Between Parrot and .NET/Mono, a lot of interesting stuff is happening in the bytecode world. I'm a little torn because I love Perl (go Parrot!) but I've been using Mono, it rocks, and I think Miguel is a genius (go Mono!).... so maybe both will succeeed. Maybe they'll even work together. Should be interesting.
Tags: perl, tech

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