Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

things that suck

Suck #1: A skunk snuck into my garage last night, probably after I went into the house while the garage door was still closing. (why didn't it trip the sensor? No clue.) Anyway, woke up this morning with the house smelling faintly of skunk. (the air intake is in the garage, or at least a little... the air filter's out there.) It took quite a bit of sniffing to figure out the chain of events, but the garage and my car are definitely the worst, so the theory seems to hold. It's getting better, but I still smell it when I enter the house from the pure-smelling outside air.

Suck #2: I'm trying to figure out how to PXE boot FreeDOS, for a shitty server (with no floppy) needing a firmware upgrade (maybe) because it broke after a month. Or it's physically bad, which is even worse. In any case, not the best of moods to begin with. I now know way too much about PXE, Etherboot, how they interact, etc. But I didn't actually accomplish anything.

Suck #3: In fact, I spent a good few hours trying to figure out why just my home machine won't show one certain font in Mozilla. Some random xft/defoma/fontconfig problem, but hours and hours have revealed nothing. I tried loading it at work and taking a screenshot (import -window root) but the files it made were all corrupt. WTF? Nothing going right.

Suck #2, continued: When I found out the stupid server did have a CD-ROM, I thought I'd just take a FreeDOS ISO, loop-mount it, add the firmware upgrade files, and burn it. Except Linux won't loop mount it. Invalid ISO?

So I try to just burn it and boot it to see what happens, just for fun.


Remove CD, reboot.

Suck #2+#4: Now my home desktop won't netboot. Network seems fine. No lost packets. But I see my machine requesting DHCP 5 times before it works. Then it won't fetch the kernel from tftpd (which is all UDP, dumb enough). Laptop plugged into the same switch works fine.

So it's something on that machine. Which means my Linux wireless/wired firewall gateway and Squeezebox server won't boot either. Fuck.

At this point I'm getting irritated, and I take it out on noise.

Wireless gateway: unplugged. (otherwise quiet case fan was acting up and screaming)
Tivo: unplugged. (noisy disk)
Desktop computer: unplugged, relegated to the closet. (quiet, but wouldn't boot. full of dust)
Home server in closet: unplugged, too many disks and fans.

So now I have my TiBoook (with broken lid) hooked up to my Linksys router, along with my VoIP phone.

When I'm done with the computer I set the stapler on the monitor lid to keep it closed. When I want to check my mail again I don't, because the computer's closed and I don't want to open it and reestabilish my connections that have gone dead.

I think this might stick for a while. I hate computers.

I should cancel my Tivo and cable service.

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