Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

GPRS'ing on the Interweb

I can connect to the Interweb now from my laptop over Bluetooth over GPRS.

But just the web. Only ports 80, 25, and 53 work. can use ssh if I make ssh listen on port 25, though. :-)

So I'm on the phone with T-Mobile, waiting on hold for tier 2 support people. I had no problem with tier 1... just spouted off acronyms and gave him crap for not knowing the web wasn't the Internet.

Off the phone now. Talked to a nice Indian fellow who said he didn't know the difference between the "" and "" APNs at all, but he'd been trying to figure it out himself. He alluded to internet3 allowing VPN ports out, but that was a total guess he admitted.

I asked if there was documentation. "No, not on our site. I've tried to find it myself."


So, I have the interweb working at least, and ssh to the office listening on port 25. I guess I can ssh elsewhere from there.


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