Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


This Wolfram & Hart ball is pretty crazy.

Two girls are apparently plotting to break Dina and I up so they can steal us. They're also LJ addicts, and they want to start a "welovedina" community.

A bunch of demons are wondering about. We got pictures. Spike hasn't shown up yet, but he's rumored to.

People love the free net access.

Got a signed CD from Darling Violetta because I hooked up their fan club stand with net access, and people are using PayPal from there to donate to the band and buy merchandise.

We have All-Access passes which means we get free drinks and free coffee and food.

This hotel's super fancy. It's also a Spa. Dina wants a professional massage, but I suspect it's ridiculously expensive.

Bought new shoes today, finally. My other ones were officially dead 6 months ago but the past two weekends walking around convinced me to bite the bullet and go shopping.

Etc etc.

Back to wondering around people-watching.

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