Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

wireless bridging

When I was in LA at that Angel thing I ended up buying a Linksys Wireless WRT54G access point. Tried to make it bridge there, but gave up and found a work-around. (making my laptop use its wireless to the hotel, then do NAT over its wired to the WRT54G's "Internet" port, and have other clients use that....)

Now I want to use it at the office and well, turns out it doesn't support bridging. So, uh, suck.

I read this:

No, the WRT54Gs don't support bridging. The WAP54Gs will bridge however, ...

I don't want to use the Linksys' DHCP or NAT.... I want to do all that in Linux, since I have to do special firewall stuff anyway to use it at the office. (want to be able to connect to internal machines, but only on ports 22 and 80)

Maybe I should try and return it. Pain in the ass.

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